What and who is Rahje?

Rahje (noun)

  1. (horsemanship) A leather strap used to join the shafts of a carriage, sled etc. to the horse collar.
  2. (figuratively) In plural, the capacity, potential or capabilities of e.g. a person or an organisation, whether financial, intellectual, physical or other.

Rahje is a Helsinki based coaching and consulting company, founded in 2016. Rahje, Google tells me, is also a popular Indian name, but so far this company is very Finnish. Rahje is an age-old Finnish word for the leather strap in a horse’s harness which carries the heavy load off of the horse’s shoulders onto the poles of the cart or sleigh.  I’m sure you get the analogue, especially if you know the Finnish saying, “rahkeet riittää”.

What we do in a nutshell:
For organisations: we help to find the capabilities to achieve strategic goals whilst keeping everyone happy and going where they want to go in their professional lives.

For individuals: we help to find and power-up the capabilities for happy and meaningful careers, taking a holistic view of life. Our coaching creates awareness for you to make decisions in your life, in a brain-friendly way.

Why then  the combination of career coaching and organisational development? Basically it all boils down to organisations and individuals knowing what competence they need in order to achieve their strategic and career goals. To avoid any unnecessary hassle, we go by means of solution focused and brain-based coaching, and lean change management. .

Rahje as a company is at the moment a one-woman show run by me, Heini Hult-Miekkavaara. I’m a M.Soc.Sc. (social psychology) from the University of Helsinki. I’ve been a career coach for over ten years, and have coaching certificates from the University of Helsinki Centre of Continuing Education (Solution-Focused Coach) and NeuroLeadership Group (Brain Based Coach). I’m also into positive psychology and mindfulness.

Happy to be at your service!  Drop me a line heini@rahje.fi . These are minimum viable web pages, so please also check out my social media profiles to see what I’m up to.

Photo by Helena Hagberg