What’s your minimum viable career move?

Career planning in the days of yore was, well, planning, which in itself doesn’t yet take you anywhere. You can’t reflect on what works for you if you don’t have anything to reflect upon. That’s why experimenting with your career ideas and aspirations is important. Try a new role, learn a new skill, change even jobs if you have to. You don’t always need a far-thought plan or the perfect moment to take you in the direction towards your career goals.

Rigid plans tie your hands and the perfect moment never comes.

How then do you define a career move? Does a career move always mean a change of jobs, or a promotion of some sort? Not necessarily. Luckily for us all living in a systemic world, even a small change can make a big enough impact. What you need is some idea of what you want to do, and then finding a way to introduce it to your life. You might already be on your way to reaching your next career goal, or only be at that vague gut feeling stage where you just need ‘something’. Whatever your situation, even a small nudge in the right way can have the desired effect. Make your minimum viable career move.

What will it take for you to make a minimum viable career move? Tweaking your daily schedule to allocate time for something new? Finding a new network? Starting to tweet about a new topic? Opening up your thinking to new thoughts? The latter actually needs a bit more than just minimum effort, but nevertheless, your small move to something new can open huge opportunities.

Whatever your career situation is, it can’t and won’t stay stagnant in this our time of constant change.

Your career moves don’t always have to be big leaps into the unknown, but your career must keep moving. Jump, walk, baby step. Just dare to make a move, any move. Get your stuff out there and see what happens. Then you know how to continue and which way to go.

P.S. This article is my Minimum Viable Career Move. I’ve been contemplating the idea of making a proper practice of lean principles in career coaching for quite a while now. Instead of completing a monstrous unabridged handbook, I experimented with a tweet (with spelling mistake and all). It got retweeted – resonated with another person’s thoughts – so I figured I’m moving in the right direction.

I leapt onto a portfolio career to achieve my career goal; systems can only be changed by affecting them at several touch points, and by opening up vast interfaces for interaction. I combine being employed (Suomen Ekonomit), being an entrepreneur (partner with eg. Pro-Source and Crescendo, member of co-op Essentio) and by working in networks (eg. Agile HR Finland and Career Coaches in Finland).